Carbon fiber composite material for anti fatigue and its high specific strength, high specific stiffness, good layer can be integrated performance design, widely used in automotive, aerospace, medical equipment and other fields. Carbon fiber is anisotropic in mechanical properties. The design of laying out will play a significant role in molding design. This paper introduces the different laying methods of carbon fiber laminates.

One way layer: the carbon fiber board made from the </strong> layer is called the unidirectional laminates. The preimpregnated carbon fiber prepreg is folded and pressed in the same direction. Unlike conventional isotropic materials, the performance of carbon fiber laminates in the direction of fiber is very different from that of vertical fibers. So this kind of carbon fiber board is generally suitable for single force oriented structures.

Multiply layer: the carbon fiber prepreg, which is unwoven, is laid in different directions. The reasonable lay angle can optimize the local mechanical properties. Generally, the lay angle is 0&deg, 90&deg, &plusmn, 45&deg, and the most commonly used ones are orthogonal laminates, according to 0&deg, 90&deg, directional laminates and pressed laminates.

Of course, the laying way of CFRP will ultimately be determined according to its performance requirements and specific uses. Compared with traditional plates, CFRP should be better in strength.

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