Carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) is an advanced composite material reinforced by carbon fiber and resin, metal or plastic. It has many advantages, and is widely applied in aerospace, military, high-speed rail and medical devices. Compared with metal matrix composites and plastic matrix composites, resin matrix composites are the most widely used. This article will talk about carbon fiber reinforced polymer composites.

Carbon fiber reinforced resin composite materials due to the fiber surface is smooth and inert, and the matrix phase solubility, not good adhesion, there are many defects in the interface, so the interlaminar shear strength is low, affecting the application of carbon fiber reinforced composites in some aspects, so the need for treatment on the surface of carbon fiber, the main methods to deal with oxidation, coating method, electrolytic method and plasma treatment method, the surface treatment of carbon fiber and matrix has better adhesive property, can give full play to the advantages of good mechanical properties of carbon fiber in composite materials.

Compound form:

Carbon fiber reinforced resin composite usually has two kinds of composite form, is a kind of carbon fiber in the matrix into the same direction, the fiber direction of each layer, called the unidirectional fiber reinforced composite materials; one is the layer of fiber direction in different angles, called multi fiber composite material. The angle of the multidirectional composite fiber is usually symmetrical laid to bear the load and to eliminate the bending deformation caused by the different thermal expansion coefficient of each layer.

Processing methods:

Carbon fiber composites are made into specific products, including hand paste, molding, winding, pultrusion, and drilling. Because of its high brittleness and high strength, it is prone to burr, tear, lamination and other defects during drilling and cutting. We should pay special attention to the use of tools and the control of angles.

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