Carbon fiber tube is a laminated structure of products using the winding process of the processing, in the molding process, winding angle, winding thickness and winding angle and the proportion of the total number of winding layer sequence has great influence on the performance of carbon fiber tube, below and analysis of structure design about carbon fiber tube.

1, lay angle design: when the pawn angle is at 0&deg, 45&deg and 90&deg, the CFRP tube has greater torque, 10&deg and 80&deg, when the torque is less, so we should give priority to 0&deg, 45&deg and 90&deg. In addition the ply angle is 0° when the axial stiffness of the maximum, 0° ~30° with the increase of ply angle, axial stiffness increases slowly, 30° ~70° with the ply angle increases, axial stiffness change is relatively large, 70° ~90° with the increase of ply angle, axial stiffness change slowly.

2, the design of ply thickness: the torque of carbon fiber pipe is basically linear with the ply thickness, that is, the torque increases with the increase of ply thickness. The maximum torque of carbon fiber pipe is 59ONm when the number of pawn shop is n=3.

3, laying ratio design: surface laying ± 45° corner ply can improve the compression and impact resistance of components, so the internal and external surfaces of carbon fiber shaft are &plusmn, 45&deg and corner ply. And 90° the layer is more than 10% of the total number of layers.

4, laying sequence design: four kinds of laying plan are selected, one is, two, three, four, the critical breaking torque is 1590Nm, 1516.81Nm, 1564.89Nm and 1538.83Nm respectively. Among them, the torsional intensity is the largest, and the torsion angle is second only to the fourth, and the final selection is selected. The specific scheme is as follows:

(1) [± 45/90/± 45/± 45/± 45/± 45/± 45/± 45/90/± 45]

(2) [± 45/± 45/90/± 45/± 45/± 45/± 45/90/± 45/± 45]

(3) [± 45/± 45/± 45/90/± 45/± 45/90/± 45/± 45/± 45]

(4) [± 45/± 45/± 45/± 45/90/90/± 45/± 45/± 45/± 45]

Carbon fiber pipe has many advantages, such as light weight, solid strength, tensile strength and high strength. It is widely applied in aviation, aerospace, architecture, machinery and equipment, military industry, sports and leisure fields.

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