In the early 1970s, the T300 carbon fiber produced by TORAY company of Japan was released. Now it is internationally recognized as the general standard carbon fiber. In the high-strength T series carbon fiber, TORAY company gradually replaced T300 with better T700. In this article, we mainly understand the structure and properties of T300 and T700 carbon fibers.

We know that two kinds of carbon fiber enlargement can be known, because of the different spinning process, the surface of T300 and T700 shows distinct characteristics. T300 carbon fiber by wet spinning process, so the surface is in a bark shape, with obvious grooves and shades. And T700 uses a dry spray wet spinning process, which presents a smooth surface. The main chemical composition of carbon fiber is carbon, and the carbon content of T300 carbon fiber is less than the carbon content of T700 carbon fiber, which indicates that the carbonization temperature of T700 carbon fiber is higher than that of T300.

T300 and T700 carbon fibers have the same tensile modulus, but there is a big gap in tensile strength. What is the reason for this? There are three main reasons, the surface defects, the different content of other elements outside the carbon element in the material and the integrity of the structure. By comparison, T700 found that the carbon fiber has a high tensile strength is T700 carbon fiber surface is smooth, T700 carbon fiber packing closely, is superior to T700 carbon fiber in the orderly degree of the structure, so the densification is one of the main techniques to improve the tensile strength of carbon fiber way.

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