For carbon fiber, this word, presumably everyone is no stranger, it represents high technology and high performance, is popular with people. With the popularity and popularity of carbon fiber, some products will play the three words of carbon fiber when they advertise. There are still some misconceptions about the concept of carbon fiber. Here’s a brief introduction to you.

There are many people who confuse carbon fiber and carbon fiber reinforced materials. In fact, they are different. Carbon fiber with high carbon content, in more than 95%, it is with acrylic fiber, viscose fiber and Li Qingji fiber, phenolic fiber manufactured, and carbon fiber reinforced material is made of carbon fiber and other composite materials, its low carbon content. It’s not that carbon fiber reinforced material is bad, its performance is good, but there is a certain difference between carbon fiber and carbon fiber.

As soon as we mention carbon fiber, the first thing we think about is a very strong, lightweight, expensive material. In fact, it is also a grade. The use of aircraft, rockets, missiles and so on is definitely good quality materials, while the general living materials, such as carbon fiber fishing rods, carbon fiber stents and so on, are slightly lower. The quality of carbon fiber is related to its raw silk, manufacturing equipment, production environment and production technology.

There are some misunderstandings about carbon fiber. Sometimes people will put up carbon fiber and other fiber materials. In fact, you can distinguish from the appearance of good, carbon fiber is black opaque, glass fiber with white, yellow, looks a bit transparent, aramid fiber looks closer to cotton and other natural fiber.

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