When recognizing carbon fiber products, most people see different products with carbon fiber textures. They are quite new and appear some products that pursue unique texture. There is also a carbon fiber sticker imitation, which has nothing to do with the real carbon fiber. Today we will discuss the difference between carbon fiber and carbon fiber products.

We know that the carbon fiber is generally not used alone, the most common is the carbon fiber and resin combination of composite materials, and carbon fiber in composites is bearing function, the external role in carbon fiber composite material on the force through the matrix material transfer to the carbon fiber, and carbon fiber composite material first failure is to make carbon fiber damage to carbon fiber damage mainly have two kinds, the tensile force parallel to the carbon fiber and carbon fiber direction perpendicular to the direction of the force, the two failure determines the carbon fiber with high tensile strength and shear strength will not damage.

So with this concept, in the design process of carbon fiber products, as far as possible to understand the stress situation of products, the direction of fiber alignment optimization, which play the greatest performance advantage, so on different carbon fiber braided direction understanding will contribute to understand the design of carbon fiber product.

We have common woven plain and twill, the two is used, the woven cloth woven fabric made up, fast and smooth. This kind of carbon fiber cloth has a high elongation during the process of drawing and drawing. The twill weave has an oblique line with a certain angle between the direction of the fiber arrangement and its tearing strength is excellent. Carbon fiber cloth is the basis for the design of composite materials. It is the key to optimize the fiber bundles in a certain direction according to the stress conditions.


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