We all know that carbon fiber is a lightweight and high-strength material, and has many advantages, such as high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance and good thermal stability. It has been used in many fields, such as sporting goods, aerospace, automobile manufacturing, medical devices, musical instruments, sound and so on. It has a soft feature, and we often treat it as a soft material.

Put it as a soft material view, mainly its fineness only for ordinary people hair 1/10 thickness, the most commonly used polyacrylonitrile carbon fiber as an example, the single fiber diameter of about 7μ m, even 5000 per share, 10000 or 20000 is the root of single fiber bundles, still has continuous fiber or a fabric like “ &rdquo light appeared. Carbon fiber is formed into a carbon fiber cloth by placing the carbon fiber precursor in the knitting instrument. Carbon cloth is also thin and soft. The commercial type of carbon fiber cloth is expressed as &ldquo, K&rdquo. 1K indicates that the carbon fiber bundle per share contains 1000 original filaments. The same 3K indicates that there are 3000 raw silk in each share, which is classified according to weight, and there are two kinds of 200g/m^2 and 300g/m^2. Carbon fiber cloth prepreg resin, solidified after the hard material, a lot of carbon fiber products, need to use resin.

Carbon fiber materials are both soft and hard, and its composite material is one of the three largest composite materials in the world, and has been enthusiastically sought after.

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