Resin based carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) has many excellent properties such as high specific modulus, high specific strength and so on. It can be used as a structural material to load and function as a functional material. It has been widely applied in aviation, aerospace, military and other cities. At present, most of the resin matrix composites are made by laying method. Before the hot pressing, the resin based carbon fiber composite material, the basic material and fiber prepreg, are processed into the shape of the product according to the requirements of the product, and the products are usually not processed after forming. From the manufacturing process and process of resin based carbon fiber composite, the cutting and cutting of carbon fiber prepreg is very important, especially in mass production and forming complex structure products.

The cutting methods of carbon fiber prepreg mainly include cutting tool, laser cutting, water jet cutting and ultrasonic cutting. Compared with other methods, the ultrasonic cutting method uses ultrasonic transducer to transform electric energy into mechanical vibration energy with 20kHz vibration frequency and applied to cutting tool, which is based on traditional mechanical cutting method. Superposition ultrasonic vibration is used to cut off the carbon fiber material by the additional mechanical action caused by ultrasonic. The cutting method can make the carbon fiber cut more clean and tidy, less damage to carbon fiber, and no pollution.

The ultrasonic cutting system includes ultrasonic generator, ultrasonic cutting tool, mechanical working platform and process parameter measuring equipment. The main function of the ultrasonic generator is to provide the 20kHz electric drive signal to the ultrasonic cutting tool. The main function of the mechanical working platform is to control the cutting pressure and cutting speed. The cutting speed depends on the AC servo motor, and the cutting pressure depends on the pneumatic loop.

In the process of ultrasonic cutting, with the increase of cutting power. The cutting pressure demand is decreasing. In order to ensure cutting quality, there is still certain requirement for cutting pressure. Meanwhile, it greatly broadens the cutting speed range and improves the cutting efficiency. The low resin content of prepreg, prone to cutting edge burr, cutting quality decline, by the Wuxi Mstar Technology Ltd (RSN) via the new experiments show that for carbon fiber prepreg cutting and blanking, ultrasonic cutting technology is a processing method can obtain high quality and high efficiency.

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