Carbon fiber is a new kind of fiber material with high strength and high modulus. It is widely used in automotive industry, aerospace, medical equipment, rail transportation and other fields. I believe a lot of people have a certain understanding of it, but there are some misunderstandings in carbon fiber materials. Let’s follow this article to see if you have misunderstandings in many carbon fiber materials.

Misunderstanding one: carbon fiber and carbon fiber reinforced composites are confused. Carbon fiber will not be used alone. Considering the molding, we usually use carbon fiber reinforced composites, which are like flour and dry food. Almost all the carbon fiber made from carbon, carbon content above 95%, while the carbon fiber reinforced composite material with carbon fiber as raw material, in addition to increase the number of other elements to meet the demand of users, also divided into different categories, the most commonly used is polyacrylonitrile based carbon fiber.

Myth two: that is similar to carbon fiber and Kevlar material. It is a kind of aramid fiber, because of its texture and carbon fiber materials are similar, so we think that is similar to carbon fiber and kevlar. To determine the properties of the material the most important is to look at their application for some bulletproof Kevlar material and will not replace the use of carbon fiber, the most important is the good toughness and Kevlar, carbon fiber is brittle. But they do have the same point. They are high strength artificial fibers, but they can’t be equal to each other.

Misunderstanding three: all carbon fibers are considered to be advanced materials. Most people, as soon as they hear carbon fiber, think of quality, high strength, high price. This is indeed the most significant label for carbon fiber. But carbon fiber also has high and low grades. The carbon fiber material used in high-end racing cars is high-end products. The key to distinguish the high and low end products is the production quality and the manufacturing process.

It is hoped that the reading of this article will enable you to know more about carbon fiber.


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