With the development of science and technology, the building building is higher and higher. The demand for quality is becoming increasingly strict. In order to ensure the sturdy structure of the building and the safety of the workers during the construction, real-time monitoring is very important. The traditional detection method is point electrical measurement, but its limitation is large. It can only detect the location of large degree of cracking and damage. It can not be tested in tiny damage, and has poor stability and durability. Carbon fiber resin matrix composites have many advantages, including good sensing properties and can be used on detectors.

Carbon fiber reinforced resin material is combined with a new material made of carbon fiber and resin, has the advantages of high temperature resistance, friction resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity, very light weight, specific strength and modulus of comprehensive performance is the highest of the existing structural material, used in many fields, including aerospace, sports leisure, biomedicine, audio equipment, industrial manufacturing etc.. For sensing elements, stability and accuracy are important indicators to investigate it. Scientists through a number of experiments show that the relationship between carbon fiber reinforced resin composite current and voltage in accordance with Ohm’s law in elastic range, the tensile load resistance value increased reversibly when unloading, the resistance value of a reversible decline, have good deformation resistance — sensitivity, sensitivity is higher than 60, little creep, good stability.

See here, I believe you have a certain understanding of the sensing properties of carbon fiber resin matrix composites. Carbon fiber has excellent performance, not only can be used in the manufacture of sensors, but also in many fields, such as high speed iron, space aviation, medical equipment and so on.

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