Carbon fiber pipe has the characteristics of high strength, light weight, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, low thermal expansion coefficient, fatigue resistance, anti-seismic and long service life. It has been used instead of metal pipe as a structural member in many areas, and plays a lightweight effect. As a new kind of composite material, carbon fiber tubes are formed in various ways, such as winding, pultrusion, and winding. This article is about the rolling forming process of carbon fiber.

Rolling process is simply the carbon fiber prepreg molding in coil winding machine. The principle is to use the heat roller rolling machine on the prepreg cloth softening, let the resin into the molten state, then the tension is certain, the roller during operation by frictional force between the mandrel and the tape, continuous roll to core tube, until it reaches the required thickness. Then the film was coated on the formed carbon fiber tube to be cured in the curing furnace. After curing, the mold is molded, and some aftertreatment, such as grinding and cutting, has been obtained, and the finished carbon tube has been obtained. In the rolling thick wall tube, can be rolled in normal operation, the rotating speed is the core module of the appropriate speed, close to the design thickness again when the slow speed reaches the design thickness after cutting the prepreg cloth, and in keeping the pressure roller pressure, continue to make the core 1~2 turn, finally. Roll booster.

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