Because carbon fiber has the characteristics of high strength, small density and good X ray transmission rate, the carbon fiber composite material is made into a panel in the field of medical radiation equipment. Its strength, rigidity, image clarity and X ray permeability are all better than those of the traditional bedplate. Therefore, medical equipment manufacturers are replacing traditional panels with carbon fiber bed sheets. Carbon fiber composites have broad market and development space in the field of medical equipment.

The strength and specific stiffness of carbon fiber composites are outstanding in the existing structural materials. These two parameters measure the bearing capacity of an object, which indicates that the carbon fiber medical bedplate has excellent bearing capacity and can firmly support the weight of patients. Carbon fiber composite material has good fatigue resistance. When load is broken, the load will distribute on other unbroken fiber threads, and will not cause damage in a short time.

One of the advantages of carbon fiber radiation medical bedplate is X ray transmission performance. The X ray transmission of carbon fiber composite material is excellent. It will not cause excessive X rays to the body of the diagnosis and treatment, because the X ray is not easy to pass through the traditional medical bedplate. And carbon fiber medical bedplate imaging clear, convenient doctors to make accurate judgment according to the image. Carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) is a very stable structural material. It can adapt to many kinds of working environments, and can also work in high temperature. Some chemical corrosion does not work for it.

As a new material, carbon fiber composite material has almost no other materials, and has many excellent properties like it. It can be made into a series of carbon fiber products.

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