Carbon fiber composite material is made of carbon fiber as reinforced materials, new materials as matrix resin composition, with high strength, high modulus, low coefficient of thermal expansion, earthquake, become one of the following aluminum, steel, titanium four aviation material, but its brittleness, prone to defects such as delamination, tear in the cutting force, while drilling is particularly serious, it is difficult to ensure processing quality. The following problems and solutions to the drilling of carbon fiber composites are discussed.

1. The problems of material burn, stratification, tear and so on

On the one hand, if the tool is not sharp enough, the drilling process is slow, the friction between the tool and material will increase, and more heat will be generated, which will cause a sharp rise in temperature, stress changes and defects. On the other hand, carbon fiber composites consist of two different materials. Their thermal expansion coefficient and strength have different properties. They are subjected to strong cutting force and are easy to separate and fracture. The method of solving these problems is to select the suitable tool and process, control the machining speed and reduce the contact area between the material and the tool.

2, the problem of bit wear

The hardness of carbon fiber material can be comparable to that of high speed steel. When the penetration rate of 6000r/min drilling pistol is 4.85mm depth, the high-speed steel drill will wear seriously after drilling 3-4 holes, while the alloy drill with high hardness can drill 50~70 holes. Therefore, to solve this problem, we should choose the high hardness tool.

3. Dust problem

The problem of dust production on carbon fiber composite material will cause dust. It can carry away the dust in the drilling process, and let it not spread to the air, so as to avoid harm to the human body and environment.

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