Carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) is made up of carbon fiber reinforced polymer and resin matrix. It has many advantages, such as high specific strength, high specific modulus, low thermal expansion coefficient, strong earthquake resistance and strong design. It has been used in many fields of civil and military applications. But it has one obvious drawback, that is, the brittleness is big and the mechanical processing is difficult. This article is about the drilling of carbon fiber composites.

There are problems in the processing of carbon fiber composites.

1, tool wear is serious: the hardness of carbon fiber composite material is very high, and the temperature is high and concentrated at the time of processing. The tool wear is serious. If the ordinary metal bit is used, it will not be used long before it will change, and it will consume a lot of material.

2, layered failure: drilling parameters are unreasonable, which will cause too much stress between layers. Even tiny stratification is a serious safety hazard, which affects the yield and use of products.

3, the accuracy is not easy to meet the requirement: carbon fiber composite material is anisotropic material, with high strength, but brittleness, which is easy to produce residual stress, and the accuracy and surface quality are difficult to guarantee.

The ways to improve the quality of the holes are as follows:

1. Control parameters: there is a linear or piecewise linear relationship between the size of the stratified and the average axial force. The axial force increases with the increase of feed rate or feed speed, and the axial force is changed by changing feed rate or feed speed to ensure the machining quality of the hole.

2, select the appropriate bit type: for carbon fiber composite drilling, the drill should have a certain degree of inclination, and the inclination angle is negative, can effectively prevent defects.

3, adopt reasonable technology: if the requirement of machining accuracy is high, after reaming or drilling with diamond grinding head, the roughness and the roundness of hole surface can be effectively reduced. In order to prevent the hole from tearing, the component strengthening method can be used in processing, that is to lay a supporting plate at the bottom of the drilling outlet or to apply a process cloth or a layer of glue to prevent the material from bending, yielding, peeling or uplift.

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