Due to the carbon fiber with high strength, low density, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and other advantages, is widely used in aerospace, automobile, sports equipment, medical equipment and other fields, so every year Dudu will produce lots of carbon fiber, the market is in short supply. A lot of waste will also be generated if used in large quantities. Carbon fiber is a thermosetting material. It can’t be degraded. Although there is not much cost in landfill, but there is a certain pollution to the environment, can carbon fiber be recycled?

With the more and more extensive application of carbon fiber, recycling is a problem that people pay more attention to. As a source of resources, whether natural or artificial, recycling can be recycled as much as possible. The resources on the earth are limited, and if people continue to exploit it one day it will be exhausted. Reuse reuses not only save the resources, but also play a role in protecting the environment. Scientists have studied some methods of recycling carbon fiber waste through experiments, such as high temperature degradation and microwave radiation, but there is a clear drawback. The performance of recycled carbon fibers will be reduced, which is quite different from the original ones. But it is said that a research association in Britain has developed a kind of raw material that can completely separate the epoxy resin from the carbon fiber processing parts and recover the high-performance raw materials. Of course, the study is carried out only in the laboratory and has not been put into actual production. Because this technology is not mature in many ways, no one is reluctant to try it easily.

Carbon fiber recycling technology is still being studied, the British researchers said above, and scientists from other countries are also studying. Although not a good result, but also have a preliminary results, it is believed that the carbon fiber will be reused in the near future.

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