In the assembly of industrial products, we often meet some irregular shape parts because of the need of design. The manufacturing methods of these parts are more complex. We need a variety of equipment to make joint production. At the same time, we need 3D drawings to make specific moulds to achieve mass production. These parts are called special parts. Carbon fiber composites are widely concerned in the field of new materials because of their superior properties. Many products locate the material of the special-shaped parts as carbon fibers. In the process of application, some manufacturers find that the quality of some carbon fiber special-shaped parts does not reach the standard, which brings a certain loss. Next, I will introduce the quality identification method of carbon fiber shaped parts, hoping to help our customers.

Carbon fiber valve
First, the identification of the appearance of the product

Carbon fiber special-shaped parts are usually made by molding, combining carbon fiber cloth and special resin into a good mold. The use of different parts of the environment is different, the carbon fiber laid on the texture and the resin is also different. In addition, before the curing process, the bubbles will easily appear in the molding process, which will affect the quality of products. Therefore, when detecting carbon fiber special-shaped parts, product lines and overall aesthetics are very important. Any flaws may affect the overall quality.

Two. The precision of the size data

The special-shaped parts are usually parts of the whole product and need to be used together with other parts, so the accuracy requirements of the parts are relatively strict. The general manufacturer will have a certain range of tolerance before the order is under. In the process of testing the product, the method of random sampling can be used to test the size data to see if the product data is accurate, if there is any difference in the tolerance range.

Three. Practical detection method

The quality and specification of carbon fiber raw material and composite resin are uneven. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish the material itself by appearance alone. The simplest way is to detect the quality of the products in the actual use process, and can simultaneously test the practical performance of the product with the experimental box equipment such as high and low temperature, sand dust and salt mist.