The rapid development of the automobile industry brings the traffic convenience to the people, and also brings about the problems of environmental pollution and energy shortage. The research shows that the weight of the car is reduced by 10%, the fuel rate can be increased by 6%~8%, and the carbon dioxide emissions will also be reduced. Therefore, the vehicle lightweight is an effective way to solve these problems. The carbon fiber composite material is the first choice to realize the light weight of the car.

Characteristics of carbon fiber composites:

1, higher than strength and specific modulus. Compared with traditional metals, the density of CFRP is only 1.6g/cm^3 (the density of steel is 7.8g/cm^3, the density of aluminum is 2.7g/cm^3), and the tensile strength is 1500MPa (the tensile strength of steel is 300~600MPa, and the tensile strength of aluminum is 110~136MPa). The quality is light and high strength.

2. Good fatigue resistance. The fracture under the fatigue load is the result of the crack propagation in the material, and the fatigue failure is the sudden fracture caused by the continuous expansion of the crack. The interface between carbon fiber and matrix in carbon fiber composites can effectively prevent fatigue crack growth. The fatigue strength limit of most metal materials is 30%~50% of its tensile strength, while carbon fiber composites can reach 70%~80%.

3, good shock absorption. The interface of carbon fiber composite material has large vibration absorbing ability, which is used for anti-seismic and high safety of automobile.

4, anisotropic, can be formed in one. In accordance with the actual force of the product, the layer of carbon fiber can achieve different mechanical properties and strong plasticity in all directions. Unlike metal materials, it can be formed in one to reduce the assembly of parts.

In developed countries, the application technology of carbon fiber composite material in automobile have been relatively mature, the BMW I3 electric car body can be said that the application of carbon fiber composite material in automobile is the most successful case, Volkswagen, Mercedes and other group companies are constantly introduced carbon fiber car, the car body manufacturing engine cover, frame, spoiler, side skirts, interiorexterior, anticollision beam and other parts can be carbon fiber composite material.

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