Rayon based carbon fiber is viscose fiber under high temperature oxidation and graphitization made, compared with PAN based carbon fiber, its manufacturing process is relatively complex, high cost, the scope is not so wide, but has an irreplaceable role in heat insulation, anti burning and so on, below to give you the performance characteristics of viscose carbon fiber.

During the process of dehydration, pyrolysis, condensation and aromatization, the chemical composition of cellulose changed a lot. The carbon content increased rapidly with the increase of heat treatment temperature. The content of oxygen and hydrogen increased rapidly, and the maximum change was about 400 degrees. The following product performance: first, its density is 1.52g/cm^3, ratio of PAN based carbon fiber or asphalt base carbon fiber lighter; two, graphite layer spacing, orientation is low, especially resistant to burning, can be used in high temperature; three, containing the alkali and alkaline earth metal ions with low content and good thermal stability; four, the degree of graphitization, low thermal conductivity, low heat and heat insulation material is good; five, from natural cellulose into, good biocompatibility.

These properties of rayon based carbon fiber, in addition to let it have applications in the military, also have some use in civilian products, carbon fiber textile is mainly used in a variety of specifications, such as cloth, yarn, processing can be made into flexible electric heating products, insulation and insulation materials, and its biocompatibility well, they are widely used in medical industry.

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