The history of carbon fiber can be traced back to 1960s, and in 80s, the United States and Europe began to apply carbon fiber to civil aviation structural materials, followed by military applications. With the development of social economy, the research of carbon fiber is more comprehensive. Not only in some high-end technology fields, but also more and more applications of carbon fiber in the civilian field. This article mainly describes some of the excellent properties of carbon fiber and some of its uses.

Carbon fiber can be divided into three kinds: polyacrylonitrile carbon fiber, asphalt carbon fiber, adhesive carbon fiber, which is the most widely used with polyacrylonitrile carbon fiber. Considering the formation of carbon fiber products, carbon fibers are generally not used alone, usually mixed with resin to form composite materials. The most widely known advantages of carbon fiber composites are high strength, low density, and generally need weight loss and reinforced structure. Carbon fiber composites are the best choice, but in addition, carbon fiber composites also have excellent corrosion resistance. The thermal expansion coefficient of carbon fiber is very small, close to zero, which indicates that the carbon fiber products are basically not deformed because of the change of temperature. Carbon fiber also has a very strong X – ray transmission, which is well used in some radiological medical boards and head care.

In some sports products, fishing rod is an earlier application of carbon fiber. In general, under the same length, the weight of carbon fiber fishing rod becomes the original 1/6, and golf clubs and racket have carbon fiber applications. Like some high-end equipment, people realize that carbon fiber is light weight, fatigue resistance and so on, so the application in UAV and mechanical arm is increasing gradually. The light weight of the car can not be separated from carbon fiber composites, and there are many interdisciplinary medical devices. Carbon fibers also play a role in it.

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