Carbon fiber is a new type of fiber material that contains more than 95% carbon. It usually does not use alone, but is made of composite materials with resin. It has many excellent properties and has been used instead of metal materials in some fields. This article is about the performance and application characteristics of carbon fiber composites.

The basic properties of carbon fiber composites:

1, the specific strength and specific modulus are high, the density of steel is 7.85g/cm^3, the tensile strength is 300~600MPa, and the density of carbon fiber composite material is 1.7g/cm^3, the strength 1500MPa is several times that of steel.

2. Fatigue resistance. Its fatigue strength is higher than that of steel and aluminum, and with the increase of temperature, its fatigue strength is basically unchanged.

3. Creep resistance. The life span of 80% static load strength creep test can reach more than 10000h.

4, good heat conduction and electrical conductivity, the linear expansion coefficient is small, but the orientation is large, the heat resistance depends on the properties of the resin, and the heat resistance is generally about 100 degrees centigrade.

5, the transmittance of X ray is high, the 1mm thickness aluminum plate and carbon fiber composite board are 78% and 96, respectively, with the transmittance of X rays, respectively.

The performance of the carbon fiber composite material in the field of automotive industry, it can be made into the rearview mirror shell, battery box, interiorexterior, engine parts; medical devices, can be made of X ray panel, bed, head; the mechanical field, can be made into robot, mechanical joints; aerospace industry, can be made without UAV, electromagnetic shielding box, shell protective cover etc.. With the development of the times, the use of carbon fiber composites is becoming more and more widely.

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