3K Plain matte 100% carbon fiber tubes/poles/pipes/rods (roll wrapped)

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carbon fiber raw material tubing

carbon fiber raw material tubes

3K Plain matte 100% carbon fiber tubes/poles/pipes/rods.

Regular Size Of roll wrapped carbon fiber tube

carbon fiber tubes 6mm OD  *4mm ID *1000mm length
carbon fiber tubes 7mm OD  *5mm ID *1000mm length
carbon fiber tubes 8mm OD  *6mm ID *1000mm length
carbon fiber tubes 10mm OD  *8mm ID *1000mm length
carbon fiber tubes 12mm OD  *10mm ID *1000mm length
carbon fiber tubes 14mm OD  *12mm ID *1000mm length
carbon fiber tubes 15mm OD  *13mm ID *1000mm length
carbon fiber tubes 16mm OD  *14mm ID *1000mm length
carbon fiber tubes 16mm OD  *15mm ID *1000mm length
carbon fiber tubes 18mm OD  *16mm ID *1000mm length
carbon fiber tubes 20mm OD  *18mm ID *1000mm length
carbon fiber tubes 22mm OD  *20mm ID *1000mm length
carbon fiber tubes 24mm OD  *22mm ID *1000mm length
carbon fiber tubes 25mm OD  *23mm ID *1000mm length
carbon fiber tubes 26mm OD  *24mm ID *1000mm length
carbon fiber tubes 28mm OD  *25mm ID *1000mm length
carbon fiber tubes 30mm OD  *27mm ID *1000mm length
carbon fiber tubes 30mm OD  *28mm ID *1000mm length
carbon fiber tubes 32mm OD  *30mm ID *1000mm length
carbon fiber tubes 32mm OD  *28mm ID *1000mm length
carbon fiber tubes 35mm OD  *32mm ID *1000mm length
carbon fiber tubes 40mm OD  *36mm ID *1000mm length
carbon fiber tubes 44mm OD  *40mm ID *1000mm length
carbon fiber tubes 50mm OD  *47mm ID *1000mm length
carbon fiber tubes 100mm OD  *98mm ID *1000mm length

Customized OD ,ID and length is available, please rest assured to contact with us


main products

  •  CNC carbon fiber sheet and cnc carbon fiber tube,include CNC cutting, chamfer, drill hole, countersinking.

  • 3K full carbon fiber sheet, 3K full carbon fiber tube,with twill weave matte surface,twill weave glossy surface, plain weave matte surface and plain weave glossy surface.

  • Pultruded carbon fiber components,include tube,squre tube and rod.

  • Fiberglass tube,with black or colour surface.

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