Drilling hole in carbon fiber tube

Cnc machining carbon  fiber tube(include drilling hole in carbon fiber tube) for DIY project, multicopter,helicopter, drones.

drilling hole in carbon fiber tube

About Customize short cut and  cnc machining carbon  fiber tube, please provide drawing document.

About surface:  3K weave on inside and outside, 3K weave on surfacer ,  Uni-directional surface, LOGO printing is available.

Carbon fiber roll wrapped tube inner diameter (ID)= mould’s diameter.   we usually make 1meter in length, customize tube is welcome.  please advise the OD*ID*length to us.


main products

  •  CNC carbon fiber sheet and cnc carbon fiber tube,include CNC cutting, chamfer, drill hole, countersinking.

  • 3K full carbon fiber sheet, 3K full carbon fiber tube,with twill weave matte surface,twill weave glossy surface, plain weave matte surface and plain weave glossy surface.

  • Pultruded carbon fiber components,include tube,squre tube and rod.

  • Fiberglass tube,with black or colour surface.

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