Carbon fiber laminate sheets,3K 2×2 twill matte finish


carbon fiber laminate sheets

100% carbon fiber laminate sheets 3K 2×2 twill matte finish

The sheet is formed by Uni prepreg carbon fiber laminates at 0°/90° orientation as inner layer, with 3K twill/plain woven carbon fiber on both sides. while maintaining a symmetrical and balanced laminate.

Excellent for reinforcing a fuselage, frame, bulkhead.
Extremely strong with light weight.
Can be cut with CNC machine, hacksaw (use a metal blade)

CN offer OEM cnc cutting service , CAD drawing (DXF or DWG format) is needed.

Finish: 3K twill/plain pattern, glossy or matte vision

Thickness: 0.5mm 1mm  1.5mm 2mm 2.5mm 3mm 4mm 5mm 8mm

Size: 200*300mm   400*250mm   400*500mm  500*600mm   600*1000mm  1000*1000mm

Custom carbon fiber sheet  is available.

Features and Application:

. Noble appearance, light weight,high strength,durable

. low coefficient of thermal expansion

. heat resistance and corrosion resistance

. widely used in RC model,  Agricultural equipment, fishing equipment,machinary, automobile,sports equipment, kite, handicraft, tent, windmill,umbrella,decorating parts and so on.


main products

  •  CNC carbon fiber sheet and cnc carbon fiber tube,include CNC cutting, chamfer, drill hole, countersinking.

  • 3K full carbon fiber sheet, 3K full carbon fiber tube,with twill weave matte surface,twill weave glossy surface, plain weave matte surface and plain weave glossy surface.

  • Pultruded carbon fiber components,include tube,squre tube and rod.

  • Fiberglass tube,with black or colour surface.

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