Pitch based carbon fiber, polyacrylonitrile carbon fiber and phenolic aldehyde carbon fiber are all commonly used carbon fiber varieties. Polyacrylonitrile carbon fiber has the most extensive application range to 90%, and the application of pitch based carbon fiber is not very extensive, but it also occupies a place in the market. Its raw material is mainly from oil. Through production and development, it can not only fill the gap of asphalt based carbon fiber in China, but also bring objective benefits to enterprises. Today, let’s talk about the production process of spinnable carbon fiber based pitch based carbon fiber.

The production process of carbon fiber spinning base asphalt base carbon fiber to asphalt by molten feed pump into the melting tank, in the young in the molten material is heated to 240 DEG C or higher, through the feed pump into the stripper, in the gas column with nitrogen gas, because the stripper in in packing stripper in asphalt hot nitrogen redistribution and the bottom of the tower to the mass transfer process, the light fraction of nitrogen was taken away. The asphalt has been tested in accordance with the high softening point asphalt conditions, and the asphalt pump is injected into the filter as the feed for the swallowing system. From the area to the nitrogen by electric heater into the bottom as a nitrogen gas stripping stripping popularity. The filter bitumen enters the film evaporator. Because the film evaporator is a vacuum state, the pressure control is carried out by using the air flow valve installed on the inlet line of the film evaporator. Hot asphalt into the top film evaporator, flow to the wall, this is the rotation of the carbon slide is scattered into a thin layer of asphalt film, a circulating heat conduction oil sleeve caught in the heating film, so the film evaporator keep under the condition of high temperature, when the asphalt flow along the wall, with high softening point spinning asphalt. The spinning bitumen is gathered in a trough at the bottom and is scraped from the slot into a reconstituted tank through a rotating blade.

The pitch based carbon fiber produced by this method has the advantages of high content, high added value, good economic benefit, short process flow and large production adjustability, and has many advantages. As for the manufacturing methods of carbon fiber, people continue to study continuous progress and believe that more high performance products will be produced in the future.

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