The prepreg is an important process for forming composite material, it is the fabric by heat treatment or surface chemical treatment, including impregnating resin, drying, rolling, cutting and so on a series of crafts, mainly used for laminating, rolling, winding and pastingmolding molding. Carbon fiber leaching is a composite of carbon fiber yarn and epoxy resin. The following is mainly about the production process of carbon fiber leaching.

Soaking: its requirement is that the glue is fully and evenly soaked in gauze to achieve a certain amount of glue. In order to ensure the full concentration, dipping, glue glue viscosity, dipping time, tension and spreading of these factors must be controlled. The content of solubility glue is resin glue, it affects the permeability of resin solution, generally use 50% concentration; glue viscosity will affect the penetration ability, at the same time, it also has influence on cloth thickness; the length of time is determined according to whether the impregnated cloth can be soaked; tension and scraping is to control when the machine is operating variables, according to the specifications and performance of cloth to decide.

Drying and cutting: after the completion of the soaking, the carbon fiber cloth contains other materials so that it should be dried to let the excess material volatilize out. When drying, the time and temperature are controlled well. If the temperature is too low or the time is too short, it will cause too much air holes in the carbon fiber cloth, too high temperature or too long time will affect the quality of the prepreg cloth. Cutting is the reduction of carbon fiber fabric that does not meet the standard (such as fouling and serious damage).

To produce high quality carbon fiber prepreg, we should carefully implement the above steps, because there are many control variables, so it must be considerate.

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