Carbon fiber board is made of carbon fiber prepreg laminated hot press, with superior performance, high strength, light weight, high temperature resistance, wear resistance and low thermal expansion coefficient. A variety of its specifications, in accordance with the different lines can be divided into plain weave, twill; in accordance with the prepreg carbon fiber tow size can be divided into 1K, 3k, 6K, 12K; according to the effect of the surface can be divided into different light, matte. This article will tell you about the production process of carbon fiber board.

1. Cutting of prepreg: cutting the prepreg of carbon fiber according to the length, width and thickness of the required sheet. The larger the thickness of the plate, the more stacked prepreg, in general, 3 millimeter plate needs more than 10 layers of prepreg.

2, layer: the laying direction of prepreg includes 0° ± 45° and 90° 0° the ply is corresponding to normal stress, ± 45° the ply is corresponding to the shear stress, 90° the lay up is used to ensure that the CFRP has enough positive pressure on the radial direction. If the load on the plate is mainly shear load, it is necessary to use ± 45° lay up the layer; if it bears the load from many sides, it needs multi direction mixed laying. This step is very important, if the improper operation will directly affect the quality of the plate.

3, curing molding: put the layer of good carbon fiber prepreg into the mold, close the mold, pressure heating, after a certain time to take out, the board is finished. Different temperature and heating time will affect the material properties of carbon fiber sheet. In actual production process, we should try to shorten the time of hot pressing stage.

After the production of carbon fiber board, in order to meet the assembly needs, drilling, cutting, drilling and other processing are also carried out.

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