What is carbon fiber prepreg? It is a composite material made from carbon fiber yarn, epoxy resin, off type paper and other materials, including coating, hot pressing, cooling, film covering and coiling. For the composite technologist, prepreg is the raw material for the manufacturing structure and can be used directly to make all kinds of composite structure parts. So, is it unfamiliar to the production process of carbon fiber prepreg? The following little editor to introduce to you.

At present, most of the production of carbon fiber prepreg is thermosetting resin (such as epoxy resin), and the main production process is solution method and hot melt method.

Solution: the resin dissolved in a low boiling solvent, the formation of a specific concentration of the solution, and then the fiber or fabric impregnated resin solution according to the speed regulation, with the content of AIDS control of resin, and then through the solvent with low boiling point volatile drying, and finally rolls.

Hot melt method: under certain pressure and temperature, the required resin film and the corresponding fiber or fabric are hot pressed and impregnated by hot melt dipping machine, and the material is hot melt prepreg. Its advantage is that the content of the resin is controlled, and the prepreg of the specified weight can be produced, which is usually used in actual production.

At present, many high performance products use carbon fiber composites as structural components. The strength and durability of carbon fiber composites depend on the characteristics of carbon fiber prepreg, and the types of prepreg are also different in different fields of application. At present, the research in this area has also made significant progress.

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