Carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) is favored by many industries because of its superior performance, such as high strength and low density, which is basically the most widely known label of carbon fiber composites. General carbon fiber products have various molding processes, but the precision of molded products often can’t meet the requirements. At this time, post processing is needed. Let’s have a look together.

Carbon fiber is a difficult material to be processed. In the process of processing, it is very easy to have defects such as delamination, burr, tearing and drawing, and the control of size is a little difficult. The post-processing technology of carbon fiber can be generally divided into three categories: (1) the cutting technology used to ensure the accuracy of components; (2) the hole making process used for connection assembly; and 3) the cutting process.

Cutting technology: high hardness and low interlayer shear strength are the main reasons for the hard cutting of carbon fibers, which cause the burning of the cutting tool and the high cutting temperature. In order to avoid difficult cutting problems, grinding or non-traditional machining is often used. However, the grinding process is generally inefficient, so the application of special machining (high temperature cutting, vibration cutting, etc.) will be extensive.

Hole making technology: carbon fiber composite drilling is easy to cause layering, and the edge is easy to draw and split. The reasons for these problems are not only tools, but also production technology. By controlling the front and rear corners of the tool, the tool can get enough sharpness. At the same time, the lower feed speed and moderate spindle speed can avoid the occurrence of delamination defects, and the spiral milling hole can effectively reduce the working temperature.

Cutting technology: cutting process is easy to cause incision damage. Proper cutting process can prevent machining defects and ensure cutting accuracy. Common cutting methods include laser cutting and high pressure water cutting. The two-sided cutting process is usually used when cutting thick plates. This method has little damage to the butt joint of the cut.

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