Carbon fiber composites are widely used in various industrial products due to their superior performance and beautiful texture. At present, many components choose carbon fiber material, but because of the unique shape of many parts, when the material changes, there are many difficulties in production. Carbon fiber special-shaped parts are the higher requirements for the production of carbon fiber products, and the process of carbon fiber special-shaped parts is introduced.
The processing of carbon fiber special-shaped parts is different from that of plane parts. Before the production of the special-shaped parts, it is necessary to design the parts according to the performance requirements of the parts, and the laying patterns and the resin distribution of the carbon fiber cloth are accurately proportioning. After the design drawings are completed, the program parameters need to be input into the CNC machine tool development molds. The material of the mould can be selected according to the accuracy requirement of the product. After the die is opened, carbon fiber prepreg paving, resin injection and high temperature curing can be produced according to the design.

Characteristics of carbon fiber special-shaped parts:

1, the product has stable chemical properties, strong corrosion resistance, and can isolate most chemical media.

2. High strength, light quality and good toughness.

3, resistance to high temperature, high pressure, anti aging, not flammable.

4, anti static, good performance.

5. The products are beautiful and glossy.

At present, carbon fiber special-shaped parts have been widely used in aerospace, automobile, medical, home, industrial components and other fields. The strong joint force and high bending strength of the cross section fiber are favored by many manufacturers. At present, the company can produce a variety of carbon fiber special-shaped parts, the company has a series of carbon fiber products design and production of high-end equipment, no matter design, cutting, drilling, turning can meet the customer’s product needs. Commonly used heterosexual designs are five corners, three leaf, four leaf, five leaf, fan-shaped, hollow, waist and so on. Welcome customers and friends to cooperate and negotiate!