Pultrusion is a low cost and high quality process for producing carbon fiber composite materials, and is especially suitable for the manufacture of civilian and military products with medium and high volume. With the improvement of technological technology, the application field of pultrusion molding products has far exceeded the civil scope of composite materials such as glass fiber, resin and other composite materials. At present, suitable for the pultrusion molding raw materials gradually expanded, reinforced materials including S glass fiber, carbon fiber and Kevlar fiber, the matrix material is increased, and the thermoplastic phenolic epoxy resin.

Pultrusion process has been developed in many forms, most commercial is dipping pool technology, this technology is beginning to provide appropriate type and orientation enhanced yarn supply system materials, these materials can be through the product flow direction continuously from trough out across the entire system and traction. Although the technology of rubber impregnation is widely applied, there are many shortcomings, especially for phenolic, epoxy and other high-performance matrix.

The traditional pultrusion process is limited to the production of constant section shape products. Many companies try to expand the geometric shape of the molded products, such as the continuous pultrusion of the variable section parts. In the pultrusion process quality control system can monitor various processing parameters, such as tensile strength, resin temperature, injection pressure and temperature and line speed, pultrusion process as a traditional production process, the best early is a company.

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