Carbon fiber reinforced thermal conductivity of composite material itself, it is difficult to derive the thermal cutting process, which will make the burnt substrate or matrix softening in carbon fiber reinforced composite material processing, the relationship between cutting force and deformation is more complex than traditional cutting materials, carbon fiber reinforced composite materials company summed up the processing difficulty the following:

1. The tool wear is serious and the life is low

Carbon fiber has high strength and high hardness (HRC53-65). As a cutting hard point, it has a severe friction with the tool edge, resulting in wear of knives. The chips that are not discharged in time are filled in the cutting area, grinding with the tool surface and accelerating the tool wear. Shear fracture, fiber matrix, friction between the surface and the cutting edge and the cutting and processing will be accompanied by cutting heat, while the thermal conductivity of carbon fiber reinforced composite material, the cutting heat is mainly concentrated in the vicinity of the cutting edge, the tool surface ablation materials, reduce the cutting performance and cutting out. The performance of the tool is demanding.

2. Defects in carbon fiber reinforced composites, such as lamination, tear and edge, etc.

The interlaminar bonding strength of carbon fiber reinforced composites is low. If the cutting force of vertical ply direction during processing exceeds the bonding strength between layers, it will cause lamination defects. Even tiny delamination can cause the whole parts to be scrapped. The outer layer of carbon fiber reinforced composite is at a free state when it is processed, and it is the most concentrated part of interlaminar failure. When drilling, under the action of axial force, the outer layer material is deformed and degenerated, resulting in delamination, tearing and uplift of materials. The processing of the free surface in the absence of fiber cut qiaokuang is easily pulled out of the matrix forming a fringe.

3. Residual stress is produced

Due to the large difference of thermal expansion coefficient between carbon fiber and matrix resin, the residual stress is easily produced by workpiece under high cutting heat, which affects the dimensional accuracy and surface roughness of machined surface.

4, the dust pollution is serious

In the process of processing carbon fiber reinforced composites, if using water-based cutting fluid, it will have an adverse effect on the material itself. Therefore, dry machining is the main way to process carbon fiber reinforced composites. The black powder dust particles are dispersed into the surrounding space in an uneven, irregular motion state. Carbon fiber dust stimulates the skin and respiratory tract of the human body, which is not conducive to the health of the operator, and the conductive chip is easy to cause a short circuit fault in the machine tool circuit.

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