Carbon fiber composite material with its many excellent performance in many fields has wide application, high quality light intensity is the significant label general carbon fiber products forming, its accuracy is not enough, so this time we need to add a carbon fiber products, commonly known as post processing, and in the process of what will happen? Now let’s get to know it.

The post processing technology of carbon fiber composites is mainly divided into three kinds: cutting process, hole making process and cutting process. The cutting process is a process used to ensure product accuracy, while the carbon fiber composite belongs to a kind of difficult to cut, because the carbon fiber has excellent mechanical properties, stiffness, high hardness, but the interlaminar shear strength is low, so in the process of cutting tool wear speed, cutting resistance, and the environment of high temperature in the cutting process, and these problems will cause the product stratification and burned, which greatly affect the quality of the products.

Most of the carbon fiber products need to connect some fittings, so this time we need the drilling technology, while drilling is also easy to produce some problems, improper operation stratification is essential, and the aperture size accuracy is difficult to guarantee, and the edge portion prone to splitting phenomenon. The emergence of these problems, on the one hand, from the cutting tools, and on the other hand, depends on the process. The two most easily produced defects in cutting process are delamination and damage. The incision damage is caused by tear near the edge of the incision, and delamination will cause the strength of the component to decrease, thus affecting the performance.

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