People familiar with the carbon fiber industry know that polyacrylonitrile based carbon fiber is the most widely used, accounting for 90% of the carbon fiber market, although the application of pitch based carbon fiber and viscose based carbon fiber is less, but it also plays an important role in specific areas. It is good to take the viscose based carbon fiber, it is light weight, high purity and high elongation, so it is a very good aerospace material. This article tells you the preparation process of the viscose based carbon fiber.

Viscose filament has some characteristics, such as porous fiber, weight loss in the process of carbonization, easy to infiltrate into other substances, change electromagnetic properties and oxidation resistance, and should be taken into account when preparing. When producing, use high strength viscose as raw material, first use acid to wash and remove glue, then dry it, then modify it, then put it into the machine after drying, and then pour into carbonization with multiple bundles. In the process of production, chemical modifiers play a very important role, it can effectively infiltrate between the fiber molecules, allowing it to retain the carbon atom skeleton at high temperature. The temperature is also an important factor affecting the quality. The heating rate is small, and the pyrolysis process is slow. In order to shorten the time of heat treatment, phosphorus or nitrogen containing chemicals can be properly added. With the low temperature sintering, the color of the fibers deepens. The greater the tension, the deeper the color of the fiber, according to the color, it can have a preliminary judgment of its performance.

The viscose silk can reach the strength of 1.8GPa and the modulus of 75Gpa within 1000 C and 6 hours. The preparation of viscose based carbon fiber, as long as the control of good variables, the selection of the quality of raw materials, in general is not difficult.

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