Carbon fiber is widely used in our lives. It is used in many fields and is still expanding. The manufacturing technology of carbon fiber is more complex. After finished products, there will be polishing process. Polishing can not only eliminate damage caused by cutting, but also make carbon fiber material more smooth and bright. The polishing technology of carbon fiber can be divided into two kinds: coarse polishing and fine polishing.

1. Rough polishing. The 0 cast iron plate is usually used when the carbon fiber is coarse polished. In the process of polishing, the carbon fiber product is kept parallel to the grinding surface. When the product starts, the product moves from the center to the far side, and does not use too much pressure. At the end, the product moves from the edge to the center, and the pressure gradually decreases. The coarse polishing is not required to be added to the polished abrasive. Only water is needed to cool down.

2, finish polishing. The polishing and polishing paste will be used for polishing. The polished carbon fiber is usually used for 2.5μ m’s diamond grinding paste and 1μ m alumina suspension. The grinding paste or suspension of woollen cloth scattered in the villi, coupled with the appropriate dose of emulsifier, at the speed of the polishing machine polishing 250r/min 2 to 3 minutes, until all the scratches are removed. After polishing, remember to clean up the lubricants, grinding ointment, and so on with clean water.

In addition to carbon fiber, many materials have been finished after the finishing process, such as acrylic, synthetic stone, etc. In the process of product processing, the product will be scratched several times if it is not careful, which affects the appearance very much. Now consumers are very valued for the appearance of the products. Polishing can remove these problems and restore the original smooth side. With the development of science and technology, the polishing technology of carbon fiber is now very mature.

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