For polishing technology, we believe that everyone is not strange, usually can be divided into two processes: coarse polishing and fine polishing. For a general product, it usually takes 3 minutes or so for rough polishing, such as canvas and other small fabrics. After polishing, the middle or multi woolen fabric will be used for about 5 minutes. How to polish the carbon fiber board? Then listen to us to explain.

For carbon / carbon composites, a cast iron plate can be used for coarse polishing, and less fabric can be used. When polishing, the carbon fiber board should be stabilized. The polishing surface of the carbon fiber board should be parallel to the disc plane, and the polishing surface should be evenly pressed on the rotating grinding disc. At the beginning of the polishing, the carbon fiber board moves from the center to the edge, and the pressure can not be too large. At the end of the CFRP, the carbon fiber plate moves from the edge to the center, and the pressure gradually decreases. When polishing rough, only water cooling is needed. The humidity of polishing discs and polishing discs does not affect the quality of polishing. When the CFRP plate leaves the discs, the water film on the carbon fiber board will evaporate to the most suitable humidity within 1-5s. The usual rough polishing time is 2-5min. The standard is that the scratches produced on the surface of the carbon fiber board are all removed. Clean the sample with water or the solution containing the detergent after the rough polishing.

For fine polishing, carbon / carbon composites are generally 2.5&mu, m diamond suspension, diamond grinding paste, and 1&mu and M alumina suspension for two polishing. Using 2.5μ m diamond suspension sprinkled on the medium nap woollen cloth, with the appropriate emulsion lubricant, at the speed of the polishing machine 200-250r/min on polishing 2-3min, until the rough polishing scratches generated are all removed. After polishing, wash the surface of the sample with water or the solution containing the detergent.

When 1μ m alumina is polished, the alumina suspension is evenly distributed on the long fluffy flannelette, and an appropriate amount of lubricant is added to the polishing. The polishing time is about 3-5min, and the speed of the polishing machine is 100 150r/min. After polishing, wash the sample with water or solution containing detergent. The metallographic specimen should be bright and smooth without any trace after finishing polishing. Under the microscope of 100 times, no fine scratches can be observed, and no tail phenomenon can be seen. The pores are completely revealed and reflect the true appearance. If it does not meet the requirements, it should be re polished.

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