Carbon fiber and glass fiber reinforced plastic pipes belong to composite materials. Carbon pipes are made of carbon fiber and resin through winding, pultrusion or rolling. Glass tube is made by pulling and pulling glass fiber and resin. They are all used in aerospace, automobile manufacturing, sports and other industries, so what is the difference in performance compared to it?

First look at the carbon fiber tube, its tensile strength is about 1500MPa, compared to the commonly used metal (steel’s tensile strength is 300~600MPa, tensile strength of aluminum 110~136MPa) higher density of 1.6g/cm^3 is very light, only about 1/2 of aluminum, the thermal expansion coefficient of 1.4&times 10^-6, not easy to deformation. The fatigue strength limit is 70%~80% of its tensile strength. The carbon fiber tube is more stable and has longer service life when it works under the condition of long-term alternating load.

First look at FRP, it is an insulating material, density 2.53~2.55g/cm^3, tensile strength 100~300MPa, elastic modulus 7000MPa, elongation at break 1.5~4%, Poisson’s ratio 0.22, thermal expansion coefficient 4.8&times, 10^-4. The strain is also large. When the strain reaches 1%~2%, the resin will crack. Therefore, when designing FRP parts, the allowable load stress should not exceed 60% of the ultimate stress, while the carbon fiber will be allowed to be used under the limit stress condition because of its large modulus of elasticity.

It can be seen from the above that the performance of the carbon fiber tube is better than that of the glass tube.

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