In production process, in order to determine whether the processed parts meet the drawing requirements, including the machining accuracy and surface roughness, tools must be used to measure the workpiece. These measuring tools are called measuring tools. There are many kinds of measuring tools, including calipers, vernier calipers, ruler and so on, which are made of steel. Carbon fiber is a new material with light weight, high strength and strong design. It is widely used in the field and has been used to manufacture measuring tools. This article is a specific comparison of carbon fiber measuring tools and traditional steel measuring tools.

Steel is a general term for iron carbon alloy with carbon content and mass percentage between 0.02% and 2.11%. The density of &nbsp is 7.85g/cm3, the tensile strength is about 600MPa, the elongation is 16%, the section shrinkage is 40%, toughness is good, thermal expansion coefficient is 1.2&times, l0-5/ C is corrosion resistant. The main component of carbon fiber is C, but it is generally not used alone, but the combination and resin composite materials, carbon fiber gauges are made with carbon fiber composite, the density of 1.7.g/cm3, the tensile strength of about 1500MPa, breaking elongation of 1.5% and the thermal expansion coefficient of -0.5& times; 10-6/ C.

As the measuring tools are often rubbing against each other with workpiece, they need very high dimensional accuracy, high hardness, wear resistance and enough toughness. From the above data, it can be seen that carbon fiber gauges have higher strength and better stability than steel measuring tools, and no need to worry about deformation in high temperature, the accuracy of measurement is even higher. And its quality is light and high strength, the measurement of some large pieces of work is very light, not like the heavy steel.

In addition to measuring tools, carbon fiber can also be made into carbon fiber mechanical arm shell, carbon fiber battery box, carbon fiber roller and other products, with a wide range of use.

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