Carbon fiber composite material is generally not used alone, often with resin matrix materials, carbon fiber composite material is a prominent property of the composite family, and for some of its properties and applications of the majority of people do not understand, introduce the carbon fiber composite material to everyone, hope to deepen our understanding of the carbon fiber material.

First of all, let’s first introduce the new material of carbon fiber. The main component of carbon is a kind of non metallic structural materials, carbon fiber and composite materials are high-tech products, high strength, high modulus, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, low thermal expansion coefficient, can be used as structural materials but also can be used as a functional material, so in recent years, the carbon fiber in the fields of development quickly. The first carbon fiber is the adhesive based carbon fiber, which is the earliest carbon fiber product, and then the polyacrylonitrile based carbon fiber is also made successfully. China has carried out the research on carbon fiber materials in 1870s, and made certain achievements.

Carbon fiber is light and high-strength, and its proportion is about 1/4 of iron, and its specific strength is many times that of iron. Its chemical properties are very stable, high temperature resistance and low temperature, and the corrosion resistance is outstanding, and it does not react with acid, alkali and salt in bad environment. Carbon fiber composite material is different from the metal material is carbon fiber with strong design freedom, carbon fiber cloth can be folded light and flexible, can adapt to different shape, and can lay a reasonable force according to the reverse, so as to show the effective performance advantages.

Carbon fiber and its composite materials have many advantages, and are also widely used in the field of application. Early carbon fiber, as a structural material, is widely used in the field of aviation. It is mainly concerned with its excellent weight reduction effect. In some sports equipment, carbon fiber composites have also played a significant advantage, mainly concentrated in the golf clubs, fishing rods and other components. In addition, carbon fiber composites are also widely used in the light of the realization of the light quantization of the automobile structure and the production of medical equipment.

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