Carbon fiber composite material is one of the most advanced composite materials, light weight and high strength is its most significant label, in addition, carbon fiber high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, X ray through strong performance is also more prominent, is widely used in structural materials, this paper mainly introduce the characteristics of carbon medical fiber board, also hope to be able to deepen our understanding of the carbon fiber material.

Excellent mechanical properties: carbon fiber composites have high specific strength and specific modulus, and carbon fiber medical boards need support for the diagnosis and treatment. Therefore, materials with excellent rigidity and loading capacity are very good. Carbon fiber is the best choice.

X ray transmittance: a good X ray material through the ability and the equivalent aluminum, aluminum equivalent smaller, X ray through the better, aluminum equivalent carbon fiber composite material is 0.11, when the foam sandwich structure is made of aluminum equivalent to 0.52, less than the plywood and phenolic resin and other traditional medical materials. And the carbon fiber medical board is made clear and convenient for the doctor to diagnose.

The degree of freedom of design: carbon fiber composite materials like metal materials, generally selected a metal material, its strength is given, and the carbon fiber composite material, it can through reasonable design plays a more prominent effect, such as carbon fiber medical plate force single direction, we can use unidirectional the layer in the direction of the strength to play the greatest value.

In addition, the carbon fiber medical board also has the characteristics of light weight, and its excellent fatigue resistance. When the fiber breaks, the load will quickly distribute to other unbroken fibers, and it will not cause damage in a short time.

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