Head care is a key component of the CT scanner, which is used to support and fix the head when the intracranial scan is scanned. In the past, it has been made of adhesive boards or phenolic plastics. These two materials are light in weight, but not enough in strength and steel. They often need to increase thickness to meet the requirements. But when the thickness is increased, the transmission rate of X rays is reduced. To get a clear image, it is necessary to increase the measurement of X rays, which is bad for the patients. This problem can be solved well by using carbon fiber composites instead of adhesive plates and phenolic compounds.

For the performance of the CT head, there are several requirements as follows:

1, CT value ≤ 321;

2. When the 10kg load is loaded, the deformation is ≤ 5mm;

3, head shape of human body head form consistent, smooth surface and round.

After many experiments, scientists found that carbon fiber composite material is the ideal material for making head support. Carbon fiber composite material not only has good X ray transmission capacity, but also has greater strength and specific stiffness than ordinary materials. 1mm carbon fiber composite material, X light transmittance is 96%, scattering and absorption consumption is only 4%, even if recognized as X ray transmission aluminum alloy high reaches 5 of its total. In addition, carbon fiber composites have the advantages of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, earthquake resistance, low thermal expansion coefficient and so on. When used, let the patient lie on the bedplate and head fixed in the carbon fiber composite head support. The carbon fiber head support is light and thin, almost can not feel its existence. The user will not have any discomfort. Its tensile strength reaches 3400MPa, and the obese patient can also live. Open the instrument, X light radiation, only a small amount, the receiver can clearly display in patients with brain.

In addition to the head, the CT board, the breast radiate its support, the leg plate and other medical equipment accessories can be made of carbon fiber material, and has been put into a large amount of use. The advantages of carbon fiber are obvious to all, its design is also very strong, with both soft and hard characteristics, known as “ the king of new materials ”。

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