As a new material, carbon fiber has many advantages, such as high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, high strength and light weight. It has been used in many fields, such as aerospace industry, automobile manufacturing, medical devices, military and so on. Most of the carbon fiber products we usually see are made of carbon fibers woven into cloth and prepreg resin, which are made by various processes. This article is mainly about the placement process of carbon fiber prepreg.

Before cutting, the prepreg of carbon fiber should be pretreated. After taking out the refrigerator, it should be kept in the sealed state for more than 6 hours at room temperature so as to prevent the adsorption of water. After the completion of the work, the remainder of the prepreg should be resealed and put into the refrigerator. Before cutting, the worktable, cutting model, ruler, blade and so on should be cleaned. Cutting down the blanks according to the engineering drawings and manufacturing instructions. The blanks should be placed in order and matched in order to be stacked for use. When stacking, it should be stacked layer by layer, checked by layer by layer, and recorded by layer by layer. Each layer should be stacked accurately, keep smooth and fully fit with the previous layer, not to bridge, discounted, wrapped gas, into the debris. The ripped isolation paper should be placed in order to prevent being brought into the layer.

Carbon fiber is an anisotropic material. It changes the angle, method, or layer of the layer, and its performance will change and the plasticity is strong.

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