The beginning of carbon fiber is applied in some high-end technology, and with the development of social economy, we in more and more fields are able to see the carbon fiber, a carbon fiber products need to complete through multiple steps, each step takes effort, this article introduce how to carbon fiber paint products.

First of all, when the carbon fiber molding, we use sandpaper grinding equipment or surface carbon fiber products for grinding, the surface is smooth, polished after the surface of carbon fiber products will remain many toner particles, we need to wash off in the water, and then use dry cloth to wipe the surface of the water, the preparatory work is done the next step is baking, we will carbon fiber products dry oven, ensure water is completely evaporated, and then according to different surface shapes, walking path design of spray gun, surface paint, but to ensure uniform texture paint. There are different types of spray paint, usually with primer, color paint, surface transparent paint, spray once need to bake once. When finished, if there is paint particles or other defects on the surface of the product, we need to use the grinding machine to polish the surface until smooth. So that’s the way to paint the carbon fiber products.
A complete carbon fiber product making and cutting, polishing, sandblasting, artificial mill and other steps, spends too much, this is why the production of carbon fiber products in the long period.