Although there is hardly any chance to see the brand new Bugatti Chiron, it doesn’t matter. We can still see the most truthful aspect of Chiron in all parts of the world through images. Today, the movie can be said to be the most striking and the most eye-catching car since it was released from the factory. It can be said that on the road you do not see more than two eyes will be cut by the thunder! As for why? Please keep looking down.

Unlike Chiron, which is usually double colored, the owner has added $$698000 to the full set of carbon fiber armor. In order to bring out the Carbon Fiber of the United States, the owners more matching the bright blue exterior panels, covering the front bumper, including tank cover, car side Bugatti classic C-Shaped line, on the edge of the hood. And the scope even extends to the caliper, rear Bugatti exclusive emblem! The car owner’s heart, we feel it.

In the past, we had seen countless Chiron, and these models were generally not too big, but today it is an exception. Though driving on the streets of London on rainy days, it is not affected by bad weather conditions. Even the famous cars such as Porsche 918 Spyder are not losing their spirits. It is said that the owner owns not only the Carbon Fiber Bugatti Chiron, but also the top super runs such as Ferrari LaFerrari, all carbon fiber McLaren P1 and Porsche 918 Spyder, which can be said to be envious of people wanting to cry.