Oiling of carbon fiber oil agent can be divided into an oil law and two oil, the former is the oil agent all at once given fiber, oil is generally in the raw silk after washing before drafting, drying densification, and the two is the oil oil agent two times in different process. Usually before and after drying densification, were given fiber, usually two times the use of oil is different, they have their own advantages and disadvantages, then introduce carbon fiber oiling technique.

A process development on early, simple process, but in the process of oil, attached to the water swelling state of the filament oil must have protective effect on fiber surface in drying densification and pre oxidation process, the team of oil agent composition and heat resistance have higher requirements. In addition, the oil will remain inside the fiber bundle, and the amount of oil intruding inside the fiber bundle is affected by the composition of the oil. Effect of particle size and concentration of the bath. In the process of heat treatment of silicone oil, it will cause the pollution in the furnace and the low quality of carbon fiber.

The two oil adding process and equipment, and the cost will also increase. Its advantage is that before drying and densification, the low cost will volatilize in the pre oxidation process, and will not affect the carbon fiber precursor, and achieve better balance between cost and performance. However, it also has some disadvantages, that is, the control of the oil is difficult, which causes the uneven distribution of the oil agent on the fiber bundle, and has an adverse effect on the pre oxidation process and the performance of the final carbon fiber.

As for the oil agent in the process of carbon fiber manufacture, it tells you that this is mainly silicone oil agent, modified poly two methyl silicone oil agent. It has many advantages such as good heat resistance, small surface tension, small viscosity temperature coefficient, good film formation and so on. If you need carbon fiber materials and processing services can be called to consult our staff!

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