Carbon fiber composite material has the advantages of light weight, high strength, high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, anti fatigue, X ray transmittance higher has excellent performance, as a structural material, widely used in aerospace, automotive, medical equipment, rail high-speed rail and other areas, welcomed by the people. With the development of technology, the requirements for carbon fiber composites are also improved. The new trends of this new material technology are discussed below.

The direction of the development of carbon fiber composite material is: in the reinforced materials, to further improve the strength and modulus of carbon fiber, reduce the cost; in the resin matrix, improve resin compression after impact strength and heat resistance; in composite molding technology, to achieve the overall monitoring, curing molding technology, automation technology and 3D the composite material technology, and to improve the properties of composite materials and reduce manufacturing cost.

1, the improvement of carbon fiber properties: in order to achieve the balance of strength, elastic modulus and cost, the compressive strength of carbon fiber needs to be improved. The boron ion is accelerated to irradiate at high voltage, so that the crystalline structure is refined and the compressive strength can be increased by 1.3~2.0 times.

2, matrix resin technology: low temperature curing heat resistant resin, hot melt resin, nonflammable resin, carbon nanofiber and carbon fiber resin prepreg, improve interlayer peel strength and compressive strength.

3, molding technology: make great efforts to develop the molding technology and the molding technology and intermediate materials to adapt to the mass production. These technologies include high-speed molding technology, resin filling molding, resin film filling molding (RFI), RTM forming, extrusion drawing, high-speed winding (FW) molding, SMC/BMC forming technology and so on.

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