In recent years, carbon fiber has attracted wide attention from all walks of life. There are two main reasons. First of all, carbon fiber has high research value. Two, as more and more people pay attention to energy saving and environmental protection, whether it’s traffic or industrial production, lightweight is the most direct and effective solution. The light and high strength carbon fiber material is the way to realize the light weight. This paper mainly understands the application of carbon fiber in rail transit.

Relative to the aerospace and automotive industry, the application of carbon fiber in railway vehicles in late, at present, the application of carbon fiber in rail transportation mainly focused on the front cover, bogie, interiors, brakes and other parts, the whole from the rail vehicle, these are just the tip of the iceberg structure. While the carbon fiber for rail vehicles is limited by some factors, including the technology also includes the economy, at present, there is a certain gap between it and the development of foreign carbon fiber in China, now the world’s carbon fiber is the best T1400 carbon fiber production in Japan, while China’s strongest carbon fiber in T1000 the application level, and less on the market most of the carbon fiber products still use T300 and T700 carbon fiber, carbon fiber high level dependent on imports, the cost is very expensive, and, for the large-scale structure of rail vehicles, the development of the industry chain is not perfect but also limits the carbon fiber in rail transit.

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