Carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) reinforced by carbon fiber fabric is the most advanced high-tech product in the field of new materials in twenty-first Century. Carbon fiber and its fabric are irreplaceable strategic positions. They have become an indispensable key material in the field of military industry and national defense. The following is to explain the carbon fiber fabric.

The softness and processability of carbon fiber textile fiber and its composite materials form a new material system, and carbon fiber cloth is an indispensable part. The production of domestic carbon fiber is in the initial stage, and there is a certain difference in quality compared with the foreign products. Because of the problems of easy to hair, easy adhesion and breakage in the process of weaving, a new topic has been put forward for the domestic carbon fiber weaving technology.

Carbon fiber elongation is generally less than 2% and produced a large number of filament by twisting, so the carbon fiber composite wire is usually more than plasma treatment to improve the organization, make the fiber bundles. At the same time, carbon fiber sizing can protect the surface activity of carbon fiber, enhance the bond fastness of carbon fiber and matrix resin, and improve the mechanical properties of the composites.

The sizing agent of carbon fiber should be selected according to &ldquo, similar phase soluble &rdquo, principle. Carbon fiber fabric that made composite material reinforcement, with ring plate resin. Therefore, the main composition of the sizing agent is often epoxy resin, which is prepared by proper method to make the emulsion.

The sizing of single yarn is also used in aramid fiber. The sizing quality of the single yarn is very high, and the fiber cluster and the serous membrane integrity rate are much better than the other sizing methods. Carbon fiber weaving often adopts modified traditional looms or special looms. Rigid rapier weft insertion, small opening height, short reed seat travel distance and warp opening length compensation are all positive measures to adapt carbon fiber low elongation characteristics and reduce fiber wear.

Yarns made from carbon fiber and other special fibers are difficult to knot after breaking, and are easy to knot after knotting. Therefore, the bonding method of quick drying resin adhesive is often used to conduct yarn joint work during weaving. When carbon fiber fabric is used as a multi-dimensional skeleton material, it can be processed by a three-dimensional multidimensional knitting machine, which is used in the space industry after carbon / carbon composite.

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