Electric motor is a kind of electromagnetic device which can convert or transmit electric energy according to the law of electromagnetic induction. The composition of the motor generally consists of frame, shell, stator, rotor, end cover and bearing structure of motor rotor is the rotating parts in the motor, in order to prolong the service life of the rotor, usually on the outside with a protective sleeve, a metal protective sleeve compared to the protective sheath properties of carbon fiber made better.

Carbon fiber density is small and light weight. The protective sleeve will not increase the self weight of the motor. Compared with the traditional protective sleeve, it can play a good role in reducing weight and reducing energy consumption. As a protective cover, it is sure that excellent mechanical properties are required. Carbon fiber materials have super strength and stiffness, which can protect the rotor very well. Carbon fiber material can absorb energy and aseismatic, ensure the stability of motor rotor at work, and the thermal expansion coefficient of carbon fiber is small, and it will not cause deformation due to the change of temperature. High thermal conductivity, no energy storage and overheating, high temperature, size and nature are not inflammable. Carbon fiber is a non-metallic material with low electrochemical activity and excellent corrosion resistance. Carbon fiber rotor protection sleeve is produced by winding process. It is the best way to protect the rotor at present when the temperature is good, the heat conduction is fast, the magnetic flux is not permeable, and the dynamic balance is strong when the high speed rotation is made.

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