Carbon fiber is a fiber material containing more than 90% C, it is polyacrylonitrile fiber, viscose fiber, asphalt fiber under high temperature oxidation, carbonization and graphitization prepared, with high elastic modulus, high strength, chemical corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, high temperature above 1000 DEG, conductive etc.. With the development of science and technology, the manufacturing process of carbon fiber is also increasing. Below it is the three main aspects of its development.

1, reduce the cost of raw silk. The manufacturing technology of the raw silk is complex, the cost is high, and the price of the carbon fiber sold is very high. So at the beginning, it was only in the high-tech fields such as military and aerospace. With the reduction of manufacturing costs, it has begun to be widely used. Although the price of carbon fiber has fallen to some extent, it is still a bit expensive in general. If it can be more common, it is believed that it will be more applied.

2, the development of new preoxidation technology. The cost of preoxidation in the manufacturing process of carbon fiber materials is about 20%, and the time is very long. If it can shorten the cycle, it is of great significance to reduce the cost. Now scientists are developing new methods of preoxidation.

3, study the new technology of carbonization and graphitization. The cost of these two processes accounts for 25%~30% of all costs and has a great impact on the final performance of the product. Some people have proposed the use of microwave technology, which has achieved good results.

It is believed that the manufacturing technology of carbon fiber will be breakthroughs in the near future, and its application is extended to all parts of our lives.

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