What is the function of a carbon fiber tube? It can make golf clubs, bags of X components, display, scaffolding, and even built a bridge. In southern Maine, there is a carbon fiber tube made of bridge. The north of the bridge is called the Neal bridge, more than 10 meters long and two lanes wide. Here is a detailed introduction to this carbon fiber tube bridge.

The production method of the carbon fiber pipe bridge is blowing method. First, the air is blown into the carbon fiber pipe by air pump, and the air filled carbon fiber pipe is fixed on the frame, bent into arch shape, and then the epoxy resin is evenly coated on the surface of the carbon fiber tube to dry. It will be completely dry in almost 4 hours. The Neal bridge was built with 23 CFRs, 10 meters, and 30 centimeters wide. The construction is a great project. Because the weight of the carbon fiber tube is light, and it is not so troublesome when handling. After completion, the strength of the bridge is two times that of the steel bridge.

Using carbon fiber tube to make the bridge, the use of raw materials has been greatly reduced, saving about 20% of the cost compared to the concrete bridge. In the process of construction, no crane and other heavy auxiliary equipment need to be used. The construction time is very short, and the time limit is shortened. The life span of an ordinary bridge is almost 50 years, and the CFRP bridge can be used for 100 years, and it is two times that of it. The safety performance of the carbon fiber pipe bridge is also very good. If the bridge suddenly breaks, it will not collapse immediately, giving people the time to escape, though only a few minutes, it is enough to save several lives. Carbon fiber pipe bridge is a major breakthrough in the history of bridge, and perhaps the carbon fiber pipe bridge will become more and more popular in the future.

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